Psychic/Medium – Patty Mac is a gifted Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium who has felt the pull towards mysticism for as long as she can remember. Psychic Medium Patty Mac started her studies into the unknown and the Psychic Medium and Spirit Realm at the age of 17 after purchasing a deck of cards from an online Psychic store. She than began almost immediatly to give psychic and medium-ship messages to friends and relatives. Since that time, Psychic Medium Patty Mac has been connecting with Spirit to bring messages to clients through her medium-ship work by bringing healing to loved ones on this side. The definition of medium-ship is “evidential,” meaning the spirit will step into the room during a session and give evidence of their existence by confirming their relationship to the client.

Psychic Medium Patty Mac uses different modalities for each reading, as every relationship with spirit is different. As Psychic Medium Patty Mac is being by guided spirit, she will help you to connect, heal and move forward by giving you the messages you need. Psychic readings are about the past, present and future events although nothing is written in stone. The cards always seem to tell a story, and the outcome according to clients is very accurate. The Tarot deck depicts pictures that are interpreted by Patty Mac using her psychic abilities.

More information on psychic readings or medium-ship readings can be found under the Psychic Services tab.

Included in this website are unexplained pictures, psychic phenomenon and videos of psychic medium-ship and the paranormal. Psychic Medium Patty Mac would also like to get her clients actively involved in research, evidence and proof of the existance of life after death. Please feel free to email any pictures or videos you may have. Patty Mac will validate the apparition(s) and with permission from the client, will post the picture or video to her website.

There is also a Question/Answer forum where clients can feel free to email any inquires about psychic/medium-ship or regarding the paranormal. Remember no question is ever foolish and inquiring minds want to know.

Check out the Testimonial page where clients who have had either psychic and/or medium-ship readings share their experiences.

The Calendar page is where new and regular clientele can check availability for sessions and classes. Patty Mac is excited to announce that classes will begin soon. All classes will be based on connecting psychically, and to learn how to trust your intuition. Medium-ship classes will also be available. Classes will consist of how to protect yourself, how to read energy and connect with Spirits, plus many more topics. There is a limited number of seating available, so prepayment is required. Psychic classes will run from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Everyone must be on time as the door will be locked so the class can begin.

Psychic Medium Patty Mac has also written a book called “Anywhere But Here” based on her life growing up in a small town, being gifted and confused. Feel free to click on the link and read the first 2 chapters. Books are available for sale online and copies are also available in office.

Psychic Medium Patty Mac is located in Mt. Hope Ontario six minutes south of Upper James and Rymal

 All Sessions are by Appointment Only. No walk-ins please.

Please feel free to contact Psychic Medium Patty Mac via Telephone, Facebook or Email.

Readings can be done in person, Skype, Email, or telephone.

Email – Pattymac95@yahoo.ca

Telephone – 289-456-1759

Skype – Pattymac1759

Telephone – 289-456-1759

Hours of Operation Monday – Saturday

12 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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